Thursday, 30 August 2012

Eid time and building blocks

Assalamu alaykum,

SubhanAllah time has flown so fast and we are waiting for the next Ramadan to come now.. May Allah swt accept our fasts, ibadah and keep us steadfast in the deen, inshaAllah. Like most of you, we had really busy Ramadan and Eid, alhamdulillah. Yusuf was usually up with us for suhoor and iftar during Ramadan, I think he had a good time on Eid too, alhamdulillah. We visited family and friends and had many visitors coming to our house too.

I didn't have much time to decorate the house for Eid, all I did was hang more Eid balloons to our Ramadan wall and prepare Yusuf's gift. We bought Yusuf his first little thawb and he wore it for Eid prayer, mashaAllah. In his little box he had lollies, cookies, chocolate and Eid badge.

I think Yusuf was really excited about the gift box idea, he had been reading the Eid book over and over during Ramadan. And in the book Grandma Fatima prepared lots of Eid gift boxes for the kiddies. I wanted Yusuf to have his own little box of sweets for the day and mashaAllah he had been carrying that box around all day long.

Yusuf turned 2 this Ramadan, alhamdulillah. I haven't started any formal teaching with him yet, maybe when he hits 2,5 inshaAllah. But we do learn things here and there. He has been showing lots of interest in numbers and alphabet. He has learned to count from 1 to 10 in Uzbek and English and he does recognize the numbers, but I have yet to teach him the concept. He still plays a lot with his blocks and that's the time when AbuYusuf joins him. Together they build masjids and towers and other buildings.

He still brings his animals and puts them in a row to pray. I usually ask him to pack up his toys once he's done playing with them, sometimes he listens to me, sometimes he wants me to help him packing and other times he doesn't want to do it. But generally he is a good boy, alhamdulillah. Below he is putting away his blocks using kitchen tongs, he found the idea quiet amusing, although he didn't finish it to the end. Something else came up that caught his interest and I had to put the blocks away (smile)..

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