Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Masjid craft

Assalamu alaykum, 

I was planning to make masjid for Yusuf for a while, since he was showing lots of interest in masjids. I have looked on the internet for tips and experiences from other Ummies. I found a great masjid craft project alhamdulillah. You can a look at it here. The sister and kids designed a beautiful masjid mashaAllah. I used some of her ideas, may Allah swt reward the sister! 

And here is what I made for my son:

Çocuklar için Boyamalar

I glued colored paper all over the box and minaret; doors and windows are made out of foam. I did papier mache dome just like the sister did, didn't put layers for 3 days though. One layer was enough alhamdulillah, it was quite sturdy, but not as thick. The minaret roof was made out of cardboard, I shaped it into a cone, stuffed it with paper. I covered the dome and minaret roof with felt and sewed the felt pieces together. For the crescent I used felt again. Alhamdulillah masjid is simple, kid-friendly, colorful and has lots of texture. 

Alhamdulillah Yusuf likes it, he calls it Allahu akbar in his language. Masjids, 5 prayers, minaret, adhan, prayer mat, Ka'bah are all called Allahu akbar at the moment.. (smile)


  1. Assalamu alaykum

    Masha allah, It looks so cute.

  2. Assalamualaykum
    MaaschaAllaah! Really nice!

  3. Nice and bright, masha Allah. Great for little ones.