Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Montessori for toddlers

Montessori in the Home
How to Create a Montessori Prepared Environment 

" ... Rather than keeping things in large toy boxes, it is more satisfying to the child to keep them neatly on shelves, hung on hooks, sorted on trays, and separated into baskets. This also makes putting things away much more logical and enjoyable... "

" ... Don’t put out too many items at one time. A few baskets or trays holding tools or toys that are being used at the moment are sufficient. Don’t put too many items in each basket. IF a child has 100 legos, that is too many for him to manage. Start out with 10 or 15 in the basket.  This way he can learn how to completely put away the legos. As he wants more legos with which to build, more, legos can be added to the basket. He gradually learns how to manage more and more legos... "

" ... Shelves are an important component of the child’s environment. Shelves do not have to be expensive; they can be as simple as boards and bricks... "

" ... A low bed is preferred so she can easily climb in and out of it..."

"... In every waking moment of the child’s life, especially in the first three years, she is learning and becoming more and more like those people she finds around her. She will imitate the way of walking, moving, talking, the vocabulary, the handling of objects, the emotions, manners, taste, and the respect and consideration (or lack of) for others, and on and on..."

" ... When picking out a toy for a child, imagine just what she will do with it. Does it invite purposeful activity? Decision-making? Imagination? For how long will my child play with it? Will it encourage the child to explore, to spend time with it? " 

" ... The use of wood helps the child appreciate the natural world, the colors, shades and grains of wood, and the varying weight of wooden toys in a variety of sizes and densities. Quality shows a respect for the child and teaches the child respect for belongings. Beauty and durability are important at all ages for the child’s tastes are being formed at this time of life. A beautiful home or a beautiful world can only be created by those who have learned to appreciate the satisfaction of living with simple, natural beauty... "

The more I read about Montessori method, the more I like it. Alhamdulillah for the libraries, where you can borrow books. I got to read 2 Montessori books from the library. I am also benefitting a lot from Montessori mums' homeschooling blogs. I'm learning the ways to use Montessori style of learning at home. 

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