Saturday, 10 March 2012

Instilling the love of Islam

I found two photo frames and wanted to utilise those straight away. They were small in size though, alhamdulillah. As I mentioned earlier, Yusuf gets excited when he sees or goes to masjid, so I thought that the first frame had to have masjid in it. I cut out masjid shaped felt and foam pieces and glued them into a paper. You can always print the masjid picture. I didn't do that, only because I don't have the color printer. (smile)  Or print the masjid black and white and color it.

I wanted Yusuf to learn the shahadah, so second photo frame has shahadah in it currently. I wanted it to be simple. I have another picture for shahadah and you can always change the wall decor pictures and/or come up with different ideas.

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