Sunday, 5 January 2014

Letter Gg and letter Hh


Please forgive me for the long absence. We continued with out letters, although I wasn't able to update here. But we didn't do much last two weeks, since kids' Dad was home and they had lots of outdoor time alhamdulillah.

Letter Gg

You can download letter Gg printable from HERE, inshaAllah. I must say that all the pictures on the paper were chosen by Yusuf.

We did following activities for the letter Gg: Letter Gg is for grapes, gumballs. Yusuf worked with glue and colored with paint and crayons. Alphabet coloring sheets were mainly taken from and

To encourage more good behavior from his side, we started A Good deeds jar project. We took a jar and decorated it. Reward for the good deed does not necessarily has to be something sweet, it can be a small note with a certain good deed written on it (example). When the child collects more of them, or fills the jar with good deeds, you can get child a book, a toy, etc.  

We also made a paper mache globe, there are lots of them on the internet with step by step pictures and guidelines. Ours did not turn out to be perfect, we started off with bigger balloon, we applied the first layer of glue and left the balloon to dry for 2 days. But somehow I didn't go back to do the second layer for a while and kids played with it. When I hold the balloon it was not firm and solid anymore with few indentations on it. Yusuf took a lot smaller balloon and said let's do the globe again. We only did one layer of glue and it was enough. For the continents we chose traditional Montessori continent colors. 

Letter Hh

Download Letter Hh coloring page from HERE:

Letter Hh activities: coloring, cutting and pasting, gluing, punching holes.

DIY house (EASY) from shoe box. Farm with horses.


  1. MashAllah nice activities with the alphabets. Sister how old is Yusuf now.

    1. Assalamu alaykum dear sis. InshaAllah you and your family are well. Yusuf is 3,5 now, growing fast alhamdulillah.
      Most of the activities we do are off the internet, alhamdulillah (smile)..

  2. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.

    MashaAllah such as lovely crafts as usual and very nice activities! MashaAllah and barakallah Yusuf is doing very well!

  3. Waalaykumussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, dear sis. InshaAllah you and kids are well, my apologies for the late reply..

    You and the kids do way more activities than we do, sis (smile). Alhamdulillah Yusuf enjoys learning and all the activities that we do..