Monday, 19 March 2012

World of shapes

We all know that Montessori materials are high-quality learning tools (usually wooden made) for our children; however, they are quite costly. Many Montessori materials can be made at home. Here is my DIY (Do It Yourself) shape sorter that I made for Yusuf. I got the idea from one of the books. You can find many homemade Montessori materials and other DIY projects on the internet. 

These are some shape flashcards, Yusuf usually matches those together.

I found a mousepad at home, which was just about to go into the rubbish and I thought that I could use it for something. I ripped off the cover and was left with black thick foam-like material. I cut the basic shape forms (circle, square and triangle) and made it a puzzle. But it didn't last long, so I thought I would cut more shapes out of it. 
Below is the book that I borrowed from our local library, it's in Arabic and English. Another  shape matching activity for Yusuf. 

I got this puzzle from Chinese shop for 2 dollars, it is made from thick cardstock. It had children's faces on it, so I cut out shapes from felt and glued them onto the shapes. 

You can make so much out of cardboard, I keep the old boxes and other recyclable materials for later use. Here is another shape puzzle, you can teach the basic colors and sizes here, you can also make it from other shapes. They may not last long and they don't have to be perfect, as long as the child gets the concept.

Lots of shape worksheets can be found here:

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