Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ramadan in the new house..

Assalamu alaykum,

Alhamdulillah we are witnessing another Ramadan, may Allah swt accept it from all of us, inshaAllah. Alhamdullillah we have been busy this Ramadan, we moved to a new house a week before Ramadan started and have been staying busy since then, alhamdulillah. Our new house is 3 minutes walk to the masjid and it's highly populated with muslims, alhamdulillah (smile).. We are very happy about the location!!

Yusuf was and is still excited about Ramadan, when it comes to iftar he usually comes and joins me at the table, we make dua and break the fast together. He also wakes up in the morning for suhoor time. His sleeping schedule have changed since the start of Ramadan and inshaAllah it goes back to normal.

These are some of our Ramadan decorations that we managed to do with my son. He was really excited being involved in the decoration process, he became a little helper, mashaAllah. InshaAllah he helps me out more with the festive decorations as he grows.

I made two wall decorations, first one is made from felt fabric and the second one is very easy to make. I just cut out masjid, minaret, moon and stars shapes out of paper and glued them on blue cardstock box..

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