Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Big vs little

Assalamu alaykum,

We have started on our early math journey, alhamdulillah. Yusuf is very much into numbers and counting in different languages, he surprised me by counting from 1 to 10 in Arabic the other day. He recognizes the numbers, but not the Arabic written ones. I will inshaAllah write a different post on numbers.

We bought some more animals to my son and alhamdulillah they were big in size. He has been playing with them a lot. It's good we have more of the same animals now (big and little), it was a good chance to introduce Yusuf the concept of big vs little. He heard us using the terminology a lot and he knew what we meant by it, but I thought I would teach him the concept by showing lots of examples. So we took out our animal box, found few of the same animals and placed them in a row.

I asked him to name me the animals and tell me which one was big and which one was little. And then we played with the animals.

We also took out two of the same bowls of different sizes and filled them with big and small objects. We filled the bowls with big and little sized shapes, letters, pom poms, blocks, spoons, shells and sponges, whatever we found around the house really..

We read the following book from our own library: "If you can.. We can!" by Beth Shoshan. We read it many times before, but this time we looked through it with the purpose of knowing who was big and who was small. 


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