Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ramadan crafts (continued)


Assalamu alaykum,

Ramadan's gone and the month of Shawwal is passing by already. Belated Eid al-Fitr mubarak, inshaAllah everyone had a good celebration..

We could not do much this Ramadan. Bi ithnillah I'll make more preparations for the next year. However, Yusuf learned few things. He was pretending to fast and broke his fast with me or his dad in the nearby masjid. We were invited for iftars, so he learned that we share food with others and invite people for iftar during Ramadan. We read his Ramadan book several times.

My lovely niece was visiting us on her school holidays, she and Yusuf made Ramadan lanterns and paper chains. She came up with few brilliant ideas, together they drew shapes, scribbled and wrote on the paper and made lanterns out of that paper. I also made Yusuf draw with paint and he played with different colors. We made a flower out of those colored papers. I made few more decorations using the tutorials found on the internet. Here is how our wall looked like:

My niece's and Yusuf's work:

Our Ramadan Good Deeds Tree (full of leaves, flowers and apples) on the shelf:

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