Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fine motor skills: buttoning

Assalamu alaykum,

Practical life exercises are the foundation of the Montessori environment. I like how the child gets exposed to so many of them from the early age. 

I have seen button snakes on the internet and I thought I will make one for Yusuf. Blogger moms have used flowers, shapes, leaves, etc. for that reason. And I chose to make mini masjids. It was a good practice for Yusuf, he was frustrated initially, because he couldn't manage sliding the mini masjids through the button, but then he started getting them on and was happy at the end. 

Google search button snake and you will get a lot of ideas and tutorials and here is one of them: 

For more button practice, I made buttons on felt apple tree. I made big, medium and little apples, one pink apple, so that Yusuf could tell me which apple was different to others. 
 - a long list of Early Practical Life skills for toddlers.

I also loved the idea of quiet books, there are so many variations of them on the internet..

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