Monday, 2 July 2012


Assalamu alaykum,

Another activity we have been doing lately is playing with puzzles. Yusuf is getting good at placing puzzles back to their places. We have got different puzzles: wooden, cardboard, thin cards. You can make your own puzzles at home from cardstock or paper.

Yusuf does these puzzles easily:

And these cardboard puzzles come in 4 in a box. They are good quality and great at teaching Yusuf the objects, alhamdulillah. He likes matching things, so we usually end up matching the puzzle pieces to real life objects that we find around the house.

He has a bit of a difficulty doing the puzzle below, he can't quite put the image back together. He ends up finding the right puzzle pieces, he names the animal, but has difficulty putting the blocks in order.

I have bought these cards for cheap, they are so good, even though they are a bit thin.

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