Friday, 15 June 2012

Nursery rhymes

Assalamu alaykum, 

Yusuf can differentiate between the text and the pictures when I read him a book. Sometimes I read and sometimes I keep it short by telling him the story in my own words and in our language. We mainly have books in English and very few in our language (Uzbek). Same goes with nursery rhymes. I don’t know many Uzbek nursery rhymes, so we read and learn them in English. There is website to few mini nursery rhyme books if anyone is interested in printing them out:

I made a lapbook for Uzbek nursery rhyme and it’s about baby chicks. I made it awhile ago and Yusuf was too young then. I gave him the lapbook, he watched the pictures, we read the nursery rhyme and  later when I was not watching, he ripped off one of pictures. After that experience we had to go back to our board books or I just had to watch him when he was handling thinner books. He is now much better at handling lapbooks, paperback books.

If anyone wants to download the pictures for the lapbook, you can do that here and here, inshaAllah.

I have also made Yusuf a felt book, it was one of my first felt projects. Yusuf was around 1 then. I came across a short poem (nursery rhyme) about apples and thought I would make a book for Yusuf and use that nursery rhyme. It’s in Uzbek, it teaches about different apple colors and the word Bismillah before eating the apple. Up until now Yusuf reads his apple book and at the moment learning to say Bismillah properly.  

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