Saturday, 26 May 2012

Drawing and building masjids

Assalamu alaykum,

InshaAllah this is the continuation of the previous post. I want to share some of our masjid drawings and buildings today.

Yusuf like all the toddlers his age is very much into building blocks and towers. Toddlers under the age of 2 develop more muscle control and are able to combine blocks, stack them, or line them up. Blocks help children learn. By grabbing, stacking blocks together they build strength in their fingers, they learn and feel different shapes, increase eye-hand coordination. They come up with their own design structures and may use variety of blocks for pretend-play.

I got this stacking tower from IKEA, Yusuf calls it Allahu akbar, I call it minaret. He stacks blocks, jars, containers or anything on top of one another and calls it minaret. Alhamdulillah now he mastered to put the stacking tower in order and he does that easily. It's time to move to more challenging toys now. Our masjid dome (that I have made for Yusuf previously, see the Masjid craft) is mobile too as you can see in the photo. 

We have different kinds of blocks that I bought on discount, all of it came in one box plus I had different educational stuff and all wooden made, alhamdulillah. Yusuf finds it hard to play and stack some of the blocks, because they are a bit thin and are suited for children aged 2 and above in my opinion. So I help him to stack the thinner blocks one above the other. Here are some of our masjid and minaret buildings:

I don't know if it looks anything like masjids and minarets, but we tried (smile). In the second photo Yusuf kept bringing all of his animals for the prayer, even his small animal figurines. It was fun to watch him at the end alhamdulillah. He was really excited. 

Whenever weather permits we go out in the backyard. We do some drawings on the concrete of our yard, water the flowers, blow bubbles, ride a bike, etc. Yusuf usually begins drawing himself, but then comes up to me and asks me to draw him different things. He usually asks me to draw masjid, transportation and trace his hands and feet. Below you can also see the examples of our masjid drawings on the paper.

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